If you’re looking to hire a gunite pool contractor in the Cincinnati market, here are a number of factors you’ll want to consider. Choosing your pool contractor is an important decision as each has different strengths and experience. Cincinnati has a broad range of pool contractors, but a very limited number of experienced quality gunite pool builders. Here are five important tips for you to select a gunite pool contractor in Cincinnati:

1. Experience matters. Is the person you’re working with experienced at “building” pools or “selling” them? Make sure you’re working with someone who will actually build your pool – not someone who has a slick sales presentation but will outsource most of your project to other companies who may not be as committed to quality as someone working directly for you.

2. Quality counts. Gunite pools are custom pools. Everything is built from “scratch.” In hiring a gunite pool contractor in Cincinnati, you’re looking for a craftsman. If you can find a contractor who will be “in” the pool during construction making sure every detail is right, that is often the best choice.

3. Creativity counts too. Is the contractor offering creative ideas to you? From the shape of your pool to where you will have steps and ledges, water features, sports features, etc. the options are limitless. Use a contractor who has a history of bringing creativity to the pool building process. Remember, you are limited only by your creativity and budget in building a gunite pool in Cincinnati.

4. Value. In today’s economy, value matters. Gunite pools are a significant investment. Work with a contractor you believe to be honest and ethical – not one looking to extract every possible penny from you, driving the price as high as they can.

5. Customer satisfaction will tell you a lot. Remember, it’s not “how many” pools a company has built that matters to you. You’re building only one. Focus on how happy previous customers are. Ask for reference names and contact information and go see the pools first hand. Talk to the home owners when you’re there – and ask them how happy they were with the pool contractor during the construction process AND after the pool was completed.

When choosing a gunite pool contractor in Cincinnati, there is no better choice than Tri-State Gunite Pools. With our extensive experience and strong commitment to quality, we will build the highest quality pool possible for your family. We’ll deliver a broad range of potential creative solutions for your consideration – and the people you work with during the sales process will actually be the people who build your pool. That sets us apart from most other gunite pool contractors in Cincinnati! Finally, we offer great value – as we want to build relationships, not just pools.

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