With so many options for pool building, why build a gunite pool? To start, it might be helpful for you to learn a bit more about what a gunite pool is. In simplest terms, a gunite pool is constructed using a heavy layer of “spray on” concrete for the floor and the walls of the pool. The concrete is sprayed in a very thick coat onto a rebar frame that has been built to your custom design specifications that you have created with your pool contractor. The gunite is then covered with plaster, in the color and finish of your choice, with a tile trim (typically a 4 inch tile wrapping the pool) and pool coping (edge) being installed around the top of the pool. There are a wide variety of plaster finishes available commercially at this point, with a wide range of pricing that accompany them. As your swimming pool contractor, we’ll show you all available options. You can also choose to use additional tile within the plaster to highlight steps or other features in the pool. A gunite pool is the best possible type of pool for you to have built in Cincinnati, Dayton, or Northern Kentucky for three fundamental reasons:

1. Flexibility. A gunite pool can be built exactly to your specifications. It’s truly a custom pool. The technique of building a gunite pool allows for you to build a pool that is the size, shape, and depth of your choosing. Whether your building site is a challenging one or you have something specific in mind, when choosing to build a gunite pool, you are limited only by your imagination and budget. Gunite pools allow for the inclusion of incorporated spas and waterfalls.
2. Quality. Another advantage to a gunite pool is the quality of the pool. Gunite is a higher quality pool building material, and therefore gunite pools are more visually appealing than a fiberglass pool. A gunite pool also has a higher perceived value than a fiberglass pool, adding the maximum value to your home. In fact, in many nicer neighborhoods, a fiberglass pool would be perceived as a “negative” to your property.
3.Durability. A gunite pool offers more than just beauty. A gunite pool is built to last. It’s concrete! Gunite is highly durable, as you would logically expect given the durability of concrete. Your pool will look beautiful when it’s built. It will still look beautiful in 10+ years, with the concrete shell lasting for decades to come with proper care.

The flexibility, quality, and durability offered by a gunite pool make it an excellent choice for your pool. It’s also a great investment in creating memories for your family. Call Tri-State Gunite Pools today at 513-526-4436 FREE so we can help you design and build your custom pool. We would be happy to come out to your home or site for a free consultation. Let us earn the right to be your gunite pool contractor.